It's about time..

Early summer is SO busy!! Everything needs to be done at once. The gardens, mowing, repairs, changing the equipment over from winter duty to summer. Why should I be surprised at our frantic efforts when all I have to do is look around me at the frantic nature of Mother Nature and remember that the old adage, 'make hay while the sun shines' is all about this season. It doesn't help that the flying, blood sucking menace are working to make us as miserable as possible. My neck and ankles sport itchy polka dot bites of various sizes, black fly and mosquito.

On the other side, the happy side, it is time to get the bikes out and hit the trail. Yesterday, we took the afternoon off and biked the rail trail along the shore of Memphremagog. The wind was blowing hard, kicking up waves and making the grasses sing.


Pretty perfect afternoon.

This morning, C is at our local garage with the two small tractor tires. They keep going flat. The big tractor has an air leak in the fuel line, we think. It won't start. The trees that are leaning over and need to be cut, still need to be cut. Gardens need weeding.

The bikes are still on the back of the car. So tempting. Now, where did I leave the DEET?


In this season of spring flowers and bright chartreuse leaves, one indoor plant of mine has been putting on an extraordinary show. My hibiscus tree has been blooming non stop since the beginning of April. Today, there were seven blossoms! If it weren't covered in buds, I would have moved it outdoors already.


It's time for all my plants to move outside. In a week or so, after the pollen settles, and the leaf canopy provides enough dappled shade to keep it from sunburn, I'll put my tree on the deck and cut it back. I do this every year, not so much for shaping but to control its size. By fall, the tree will have filled in again but still fit in its winter home. It isn't a small tree. It's about 8 ft. tall and almost touching the ceiling.


Do you put your plants outdoors in the summer?

Friday's photo

Wow. It's a week later. Lots has happened. We've been to California and back. We also fnished the new display units, the rewinding and tagging of yarn and have packed the truck for tomorrow's show.

I hope to see some of you at the Connecticut Sheep and Wool Festival. Ball and Skein will be our usual spot in the Gold Building. Please stop by and show off your beautiful knitted things. Isn't that one of the best parts of a show?

We're off in a few to setup. I'll leave you with a bit of cuteness from my week.


Friday's photo

If I had to choose one word to describe the brilliant array of color that hallmarks spring, it would be 'POP'.


The colors are incredibly vibrant, eye searingly bright. I considered editing the color in this photo to tone it down. But, why, when the blue is already amazing. The skunk cabbage is a shade of spring green that we're treated to in the earliest days of the season.

So here it is, another example of this compressed spring. The skunk cabbage was under snow two weeks ago.

Did you get a chance to put your hummingbird feeders out?